A vote for Labor, a vote against NSW farmers: ABA

20th February 2007Although the Australian Beef Association claims to remain an apolitical association, this week it has come out strongly against the NSW Labor Government over ‘the appalling treatment of the State’s beef producers’.

The broader NSW farming community also has been similarly treated by the current NSW Government, ABA says.

ABA chairman, Brad Bellinger, said today, “While the deterioration of rural infrastructure n NSW is becoming obvious after 12 years of neglect, it is the legislation that this Government has enacted against farmers that is having a devastating affect upon their businesses and personal lives.”

ABA, on the eve of the NSW election, says concerns include:

• The Native Vegetation Legislation.

• Water Separation issue.

• The National Livestock Identification Scheme.

• The Meat Industry Levy.

• A disastrous Johne’s Eradication Programme.

Mr Bellinger said, “The NSW Coalition has promised to sweep aside key elements of the Government’s native vegetation policy and introduce a more ‘farmer friendly model’.

“This is a step in the right direction, with a long way to go.”

Also, he holds NSW Primary Industry Minister, Ian McDonald, responsible for ‘the NLIS mess in NSW’.

“In typical fashion, he remains silent on the issue,” Mr Bellinger said

“And the NSW Government’s meat industry levy attached to Rural Land ’s Protection Board rates notices is an abomination.

“Morris Iemma expects farmers to pay for food safety, licensing and regulatory administration on fresh meat, when cattle producers do not even own the product. “Little wonder some producers are refusing to pay the meat industry levy.”

SOURCE: Australian Beef Association.

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