Board Members

Membership of Property Rights Australia is currently managed by an executive comprised of:

JOANNE REA – Chairman

I have lived on a beef cattle property outside Rockhampton for almost four decades.In the past I was on the Council of The Cattleman’s Union for eight years and wasmember of The Community Consultation Committee of the Rockhampton Hospital District for four years. I joined the Board of Property Rights Australia because I believe that landholders are being persecuted by government and have had to deal with the concept of Sovereign Risk in a way that is unprecedented in modern times in Australia. It is clear that governments have no concept of the disillusionment suffered by those very few of the under 40’s generation who have continued on as small business owners in the food and fibre industries at a time when the world is predicted to face food shortages as one of its major challenges in the next ten years.


Tricia and her family have a sheep, wool and cattle operation at Wyandra which is located half way between Charleville and Cunnamulla. Tricia is 6th generation on the land and recognises that for too long, primary producers have often been an easy target for those intent on controlling the food security of our nation. Tricia is most concerned about the injustice that is prevalent in our society toward the primary producer and the property rights of landholders, and the dark forces that manipulate government to make laws controlling the landholder with red and green tape. With a passion for the rural industry and the desire to not only see the bush culture survive but thrive, Tricia recognises that it is the primary producers and the land holders of this land that will ensure that Australia has a future, and carries this over into a successful face book page called “Bush Kids”. Tricia’s father Noel Mobbs, was one of the founding committee members of PRA when it was first formed, and she and her husband Jeffrey, have always been PRA members, as they recognise that there must be an organisation that can stand on the side of the property owner without fear or favour. Property Rights Australia has stood the test of time, and continues to be a voice for the voiceless and a fighter for justice.

Tricia can be contacted on: 07 46540268

Peter Jesser - Secretary

Peter Jesser has had nearly 40 years of Regular Army, university and public service experience. He holds university qualifications in management, information systems, defence media studies and archaeology. In recent years Peter has tried his hand at resurrecting a rundown fine wool property near Inglewood in Southern Queensland.  However, as drought and a growing wild dog problem made fine wool a decidedly risky operation, Peter began to supplement his income with off-farm consulting work in training and feral pest control, and in developing a small tourism business based on aboriginal archaeology he has identified on his property. Peter is no stranger to battles with bureaucracy and has dedicated a substantial part of his time to assisting others with problems. He lives by the philosophy of never giving up when you know you are right. Phone: 07 4652 1367

Neville Stiller - Board Member

I’m one of ten siblings, I’m a fourth-generation custodian of a piece of dirt at Guluguba which has been in our family since our forefathers moved up from SA in 1909. I share this responsibility with two of my brothers and my wife Carmel. We run a breeding/backgrounding/feedloting operation across several properties on the Western Downs. I first became involved with PRA some years ago when I had a major stoush with a resource company. At the time, I felt dispirited with the organization I was a member of, and saw PRA as a breath of fresh air. I believe we must stand our ground for future generations. If you would like to contact me phone number is 0746 282 296.

Mike Fromm - Board Member

Phone:  07 5463 8247