Clearing report backs farmers land management

5th February 2007A new NSW Government Report on the management of native vegetation confirms that farmers are doing the right thing by the environment, according to the NSW Farmers’ Association.

Association president, Jock Laurie, says claims of illegal land clearing by green groups can finally be dismissed following the release of the NSW Government’s Woody Vegetation Change in NSW 2004-2006 Report.

“For years, farmers have been forced to defend themselves against ridiculous claims of massive illegal land clearing and finally there is Government research to support the notion that most farmers are managing native vegetation in a responsible manner,” Mr Laurie said.

“Unfortunately, extreme green groups don’t understand that native vegetation management on rural land is not only legal but essential for the sustainability of the environment,” Mr Laurie said.

“This Government Report backs our statements that farmers are managing native vegetation in a responsible way.”

The report has delivered solid evidence that the rate of conservation, restoration and management of native vegetation far outweighs the rate of clearing, Mr Laurie said.

NSW Minister for Natural Resources, Ian Macdonald, says the report, which is based on the latest in satellite technology, shows the vast majority of farmers are doing the right thing.

Mr Macdonald also said the Woody Vegetation Change in NSW 2004-06 Report showed claims that more than nine Sydney cricket grounds are cleared every hour in NSW were misleading.

SOURCE: The Land, NSW’s weekly rural newspaper

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