NSW Farmers support land use inquiry

8th February 2007The NSW Farmers’ Association supports today’s announcement to establish an independent inquiry into rural land use in Central West NSW.

President of the NSW Farmers’ Association, Jock Laurie, says issues surrounding Land Use Planning are being felt statewide.

“The NSW Farmers’ Association considers it important, particularly in developing areas like the Central West, that agricultural concerns are protected, but communities are allowed the room to develop at the same time,” Mr Laurie said.

“It is pleasing that the State Government has acknowledged the importance of local consultation, data and decision making.

Chair of the Association’s Land Use Planning Taskforce, Liz Tomlinson says the timing of the announcement coincides with the release of the NSW Farmers’ Association survey of farmers’ views on land use planning.

This information will be submitted to the inquiry for consideration.

Mrs Tomlinson said, according to the survey:

• There is a feeling that the system is too complex and creates confusion, duplicity, excess costs and time delays.

• Planning decisions should be made at a local level using local information, data and consultation.

• There should be alternative dispute resolution mechanisms so that costly and time consuming court cases are avoided.

• Dwelling entitlements should remain in perpetuity

• Prospective neighbours should have access to education about agriculture and its by-products to avoid land use conflict.

• LEP’s should not impose provisions in excess of the Native Vegetation or Threatened Species legislation.

A summary of the Land Use Planning Survey results can be found on the NSW Farmers’ Association website www.nswfarmers.org.au

SOURCE: The Land, NSW’s weekly rural newspaper

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